Thermal Imaging

Why Thermal Imaging?


Leaking Shower Pan not visible to the human eye detected beneath the floor tile

Thermal Imaging is the latest technology in home inspection services used to detect moisture intrusion within a structure by the use of thermal patterns detected with Flir (Forward looking infrared Cameras).


Thermal Imaging is also used for detecting abnormal temperatures in electrical panels, electrical devices, wiring and appliances. Thermal imaging benefits in energy saving are enormous through detection of air intrusion ,insulation not performing its intended function and A/C supply /return air ducts with substantial temperature loss in Non-conditioned spaces within a home such as attics and crawl spaces.


Commercial buildings with flat roofs and moisture intrusion has always been an ongoing maintenance problem that can be pin pointed to perfection with the use of the infrared camera and aerial Thermography



An Example of Our Ariel Thermography

Examples Of Defects Found With Thermal Imaging

Overheated circuit breaker

Missing Insulation above fireplace chimney within the attic

Overheated circuit breaker

Leaking shower pan moisture detected beneath the carpet of the walkin closet joining the shower stall