While going through the process of buying a new home, you may have heard horror stories from a friend or colleague warning you about an agent or contractor along the way that wasn’t honest or upfront.  We can assure you that we are not looking to hide anything from you or cheat you out of your money.  On the other hand, you may not be worried about that at all.  Does this mean though that you should decide whether you will be present at a home inspection solely on the basis that you trust the inspector or not?  There are other factors to consider beyond inspecting the home inspector and his inspection.

After we go through the inspection there may be questions you will want to ask about your home.  You may want to know how your heating system works, and what maintenance plan you will want in the near future.  We can also show you where the filter for the furnace is if you have one, or where to find the house trap in the plumbing.

This can be a common concern of many of our clients and we look at it as working along with our customers.  We want to make certain our clients not only have a successful buying process but a worry-free time in the home they will be living in.