As we have certainly seen in our last article, the household toilet is an indispensable part of life. What would we do without it? We also highlighted the issue of how much water an average flush uses, which is more than we were probably aware. The question might be asked then, are there any environmentally friendly alternatives when it comes to finding a toilet that uses less water?

Of course an option would be to not flush the toilet every time its used, but that might appeal to some. There are some other options. One is the dual flushing toilet and is now widely used. The flush contains two options, one just for liquid waste which uses 1 gallon of water when flushed. The other option is for solid waste, which uses the standard 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Because the majority of toilet flushes are for liquid waste, its easy to see how a large amount of water would be saved this way.

Another very environmentally friendly toilet option is the composting toilet. This option may appear a little odd, as it uses hardly any or no water, which is a lot different than a regular flushing toilet. Instead it uses aerobic bacteria to break down the waste. What is left over is a product that resembles soil. In various countries ( though not allowed in the States) this waste is used with soil for cultivation. The environmental benefits of a composting toilet are very good, as a elaborate sewage system is not needed, and so makes for a toilet with very low environmental impact.

We will all have our different preferences when it comes to this delicate matter but its also good to know we have options. If you would like to schedule a bathroom inspection, please feel free to contact us.